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In general, in my curriculum you will find basic information required for this type of document, such as academic activities (I hold a master’s degree in informatics and bachelor in Fine Arts), and professional experience (working for more than twenty years with digital, 3D or interactive content, and part of this time, also dedication to research and university teaching).

I just ask your attention to the most important information that is outside of the curriculum...

I was a child who still watched TV in black and white and followed the rise of the digital world. I was lucky to witness the rise of the internet and share with my generation the ecstasy of the virtual world that was about to start. I have always been fascinated by advances, especially my curious nature, and I commonly wanted to know what was behind it all. But at the same time, I also had a passion for another area, art. I have always been an artist, from drawing to producing three-dimensional physical models. I always saw myself divided between the ancient and the contemporary, until I realized that I could combine these two passions, and from that moment, and over the years, I was always involved in projects that I could contribute taking into account these skills. This passion between the old and the new ended up taking me to another area that also catches my attention, which is historical monuments/ heritage. Whenever I have to deal with architecture or old objects I feel too happy.

Over the years and the experiments, I could see that although the teaching career has given me many laurels, my contributions were better in the production of content, mainly in artifacts that implied the interaction by other people, such as video games, virtual reality applications or multimedia.










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HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, JSON, Web Development, Illustrator, CorelDraw, AfterEffect, Vegas, Premiere, 3DS MAX, Unity, Unreal, Virtual Reality, Photography, Cinematography, Photogrammetry, 3D scan, 3D Prototype (laser cutting, 3d printing, CNC, sculpture), Draw and illustrate, Electric Guitar, Drums, Running, Pepsi twist zero.

My current project

Initially the objective of the project was to present a vision of what the future of interactive video could be, using the semantic Web so that 3D animations could be reproduced on various reproduction platforms, current and future. To serve as an example, a type of 3D game was developed that performs an interactive sequence created by the user himself. This game has the theme of the formation of the kingdom of Portugal and can be used by teachers and students to study this period of history in a playful way.

Kingdom of Portugal

Serious game development - Kingdom of Portugal. Application that combines video resources with narrative in a timeline. Educational 3D game with the possibility for the user to write their own stories.

Academic research

The research that led to the development of this application can be seen in a paper presented at the ARTECH 2019 Conference (9th International Conference on Digital and Interactive Arts, At Braga, Portugal)


The most interesting part of this application is being able to write your own stories through an editor. So it will be possible to use all available elements such as characters, locations and actions.

I Love What I Do

Test/create technology, share knowledge or simply develop interactive objects, whether virtual or material.

If it is important to you


2018 - now

Researcher/Game Designer

UAb - Open University of Portugal. CHIC Project (Cooperative Holistic View on Internet and Content). Serious game development - Kingdom of Portugal. Application that combines video resources with narrative in a timeline. Educational 3D game with the possibility for the user to write their own stories.

2013 - 2018

Researcher/Assistant Professor

University Center of João Pessoa – UNIPÊ - Brazil
Artistic, Geometry and Perspective Drawing - Architecture/Design.
3D Modeling, Virtual Reality, 3D printing -Informatic

2014 - 2015

UI/UX/WEB Designer

Choice Inteligência Digital - Brazil
I worked as team leader and my core activities included: - Creation of wireframes and prototypes that were later transformed into functional and responsive digital producers. - Project planning, functionality and website navigation. - Planning of graphic design and digital design. Html5/CSS3/Javascript/PHP/Photoshop



Master of Informatic, Federal University of Paraíba - Brazil.

Thesis: Virtual tour on digital TV: interactive presentation of remote places using Google Street View's 360º immersion methodology. EQF - Level 7.


Bachelor of Arts, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

Serious Games in Education EQF - Level 6.


Diploma In Mechanical Engineering, Federal Institute of Education Science and Technology of Paraíba - IFPB - Brazil

EQF - Level 5.

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